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Off Season Fishing

Just giving everybody an update on the type of trips we have running through the off-season. January and February we are gonna have a 3 quarter day boat running Friday, Saturday & Sunday. January & February it’s gonna be fishing for Whitefish, Sanddabs, possibly Calico Bass, maybe even Halibut.

Starting April or March first we are gonna be allowed to keep Sheephead again. Sheephead closed in January & February but opens up again in March. April 1st all the boat’s are gonna go online, as we are gonna be able to fish rockfish again in any depth. No change to the regulations from last year pretty much, starting April 1st.

Regulations are bit different this year but we are able to keep whitefish in the off-season so we are leaving a boat online.

Hope to see you guys all out in the water soon. Thank you.

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