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Limits Of Rockfish!!

We had really great fishing today. Early limits of Rockfish then we went bass fishing and the bit was really good. We had awesome flat weather conditions in the afternoon. We had 14 anglers and caught. 140 Rockfish, 15 Calico Bass, 40 Calico Bass (Released), and 17 Ocean Whitefish. Book your spot today and let us share our fun with you this 2019 season! Check out our schedule at or call (805) 676-3474. Be sure to like us on Facebook at Island Spirit Sportfishing, and follow us on Instagram @islandspirit805 so you can keep up with us! Hope to see you out on the water soon!

Ventura Sportfishing

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Ventura Sportfishing is a private sportfishing landing in Ventura, CA which includes the Amigo, the Island Spirit, the Pacific Dawn, and the Pacific Eagle sportfishing boats, experienced crews, and a variety of trips suitable for any traveler from novice fisherman to experienced angler. Ventura is a unique location on the California coast for sportfishing. Positioned just beneath the cusp of Point Conception, Ventura Sportfishing provides access to the best aspects of fishing in Southern California and Northern California. During summer months, Ventura experiences the warmer waters you would find in Mexico, and the fish species that accompany it. During winter months, the Japan current travels down the Northern California coast and creates a fishing environment similar to what you may experience near the San Francisco bay. Ventura provides an interesting balance between Southern and Northern California, and the local Channel Islands National Park provides unique scenery, attracts wildlife like seals, sea lions, dolphins, and sharks, while kelp beds create large concentrations of fish species including assorted Bass and Yellowtail. All of these elements combine to create one of the most dynamic fishing environments on the California coast. We have have sportfishing enthusiasts travel to Ventura from every region of California, particularly during the Summer, and many of our guests travel from other states and various regions of the country just to experience fishing in the Santa Barbara channel.

Ventura Sportfishing

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Fishing Across Different Seasons

Fishing season follows a similar path to the calendar year, with different periods of times being defined by temperature, weather, and ocean conditions, as well as the collections of fish that are commonly available. From January through February we perform maintenance on our boats and prepare the upcoming fishing season, which generally spans from March through December. The subdivisions of the fishing season are generally as follows:

March to April Sportfishing

This season generally involves deeper sea fishing for rockfish including Blue Rockfish, Canary Rockfish, Copper Rockfish, California Scorpionfish, Yellowtail Rockfish, Vermilion, Chilipepper, and more. Most Rockfish have a fairly large range which can stretch from Baja California to Alaska. Depending on the particular species, some fish may have ranges that keep them from venturing too far north or south, but Ventura is positioned in the middle of the ranges of most Rockfish, so you can generally expect a fun variety of Rockfish during this season.

April to June Sportfishing

This season gives way to slightly warmer waters, and as temperatures increase, the trend is to fish shallow sand areas, shallow rock areas, and bays. Deep sea fishing is a little less common from April to June as fishers hunt for various species of Sea Bass including Striped Bass, Kelp Bass, and Spotted Sand Bass, California Halibut and Pacific Halibut, and Barracuda. White Seabass is the most popular fish, and we have travelers come specifically in search of White Sea Bass fishing. Rockfish are hunted year round.

June to September Sportfishing

This is summer in California and is the season with the warmest water. Fishers can hunt for assorted Yellowtails, Halibuts, Tuna, Bass, Sand Bass, and more. This period is will often produce the greatest variety of fish and activity.

Big Game Sportfishing

Some larger fish are called game fish, and game fishing generally refers to hunting larger, stronger, more aggressive fish. Capturing powerful fish is a more intense activity, and some experienced anglers enjoy the great labor and high reward of fishing for Halibut, Yellowtail, and Tuna. There’s lots of big game fish, generally anything that is bony, muscular, intimidating to smaller fish, and lives in saltwater. Salmon are found in most parts of the world and are game fish, and Marlins and Swordfish are popular game fish in the Mid-Atlantic fishing region, while White Sea Bass is the premier game fish locally with some fish weighing up to 70 pounds.

Limits Of Lingcod For The Island Spirit

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

We had a really fun charter today. Limits of lingcod. Boat limits of 20 fish per bag. We had 19 anglers and  got 185 Rockfish, 121 Ocean...

Sheephead Sunday!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

Today was all about Sheephead! We had 49 anglers and got 77 Sheephead, 360 Rockfish, 246 Whitefish, 10 Barracuda, 1 Calico Bass, 10 Lingcod, 1...

Fun Fishing!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

We had a fun day with our 78 anglers today! We ended the day with 2 Yellowtail, 1 White Seabass, 541 Rockfish, 91 Whitefish, 42 Lingcod, 12...