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Gamefish Trifecta!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

We got a nice variety of fish today! We had 46 people and got 3 Sheephead, 17 Lingcod, 61 White Seabass, 238 Rockfih, 147 Whitefish, 11 Barracuda...

186 White Seabass - WOW!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

Today is one for the books! We had a total of 67 anglers and ended an incredible day of fishing with 544 Rockfish, 272 Whitefish, 186 White...

Quality Fish Right Now!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

Quality fishing right now! We had 36 anglers and started the week with 2 Yellowtail, 1 Sculpin, 272 Rockfish, 12 Calico Bass, 328 Whitefish, 1 Rock...

All About Quality!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

Excellent day of fishing today! All  boats got great quality and we had a blast with all of our anglers. We had a total of 104 anglers. We...

Busy Day!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

Our anglers were kept busy today! We had a total of 97 anglers and got 18 Lingcod, 12 Sheephead, 460 Whitefish, 932 Rockfish, 1 Cabezon, 3 White...