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Cold but Fun!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

Cold day but still had a good time fishing! We had a total of 62 anglers and had 9 Sand Bass, 552 Rockfish, 31 Calico Bass(released), 47 Lingcod...

Great Day of Fishing!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

Great day with all 60 anglers in our fleet today! We got 600 Rockfish, 135 Whitefish, 16 Lingcod, 8 Sheephead, 4 Yellowtail, 2 Rock Sole, and 1...

Tough but Fun Day!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

Tough Conditions but still a fun day of fishing with our charter group today. We had 23 anglers today and ended the day with 193 Rockfish, 54...


by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

Rough conditions today, but some good fishing! We had a total of 53 anglers, and a total of 1 Cabezon, 13 Yellowtail, 21 Sheephead, 426 Rockfish, 1...

Excellent Fishing

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

We had 82 brave souls today. We got the gamefish trifecta! White Seabass, Yellowtail, and Halibut! We ended the day with a total of 112 Whitefish...