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Rockfish Limits & More on Our 4am Run

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

The Pacific Eagle was out today, bringing in  2 Calico Bass, 4 California Sheephead, 170 Rockfish, 2 Bonito, 2 Lingcod, and 41 Ocean Whitefish...

Fishing is Still Hot!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

Two boats called in today with a terrific catch! 44 Anglers, 370 Ocean Whitefish, 35 Lingcod, 371 Rockfish, 3 Cabezon, 2 California Sheephead. The...

Fantastic Fishing for Our Fleet!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

Our fleet had a terrific day on the water! 59 Anglers, 560 Rockfish, 362 Ocean Whitefish, 18 California Sheephead, 59 Lingcod, 1 Calico Bass, 1...

Whitefish Limits!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

The Island Spirit had a terrific day today with 17 Anglers, 170 Ocean Whitefish, 87 Rockfish, 4 Calico Bass, 1 California Sheephead. The weather is...