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Great Quality!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

We had a fun day with some great quality today! We had 45 anglers with 2 Sheephead, 41 Lingcod, 27 Barracuda, 2 Bonito, 402 Rockfish, 29 Calico...

Amazing Day!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

We’ve had an amazing day! We got a little taste of everything! We had 40 anglers and got 52 White Seabass, 14 Lingcod, 10 Sheephead, 166...

Fun Fishing!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

Fun day of fishing all around! We had 17 anglers and ended the day with 1 Barracuda, 2 Bonito, 2 Lingcod, 49 Whitefish, 127 Rockfish, 10 Sheephead...

Monday Madness!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

What a great day of fishing! We found some great quality white seabass! We had 20 people and got 200 Rockfish, 6 Lingcod, 134 Whitefish, and 15...

Monster Catches!

by Ventura Sportfishing Staff

We found some monster fish today! Great quality coming from the waters today! We had 62 anglers with 9 Barracuda, 357 Whitefish, 4 Calico Bass, 393...