Killer Fishing Today!

Our 4 boats had a terrific day on the water! The yellowtail are hungry and good size! 73 Anglers, 2 California Halibut, 5 White Seabass, 37 Calico Bass, 2 Sand Bass, 74 California Yellowtail, 108 Ocean Whitefish, 10 Barracuda, 7 California Sheephead, 218 Rockfish, 2 Cabezon, 15 Lingcod. The weather is nice right now and it’s the perfect time to get on board a boat and enjoy a day of fishing fun! The 5AM Island Spirit is targeting game fish every Tuesday, including white seabass, yellowtail and halibut. The Phenix Rods is sponsoring a trip on July 11 on the Isalnd Spirit, and Seeker is sponsoring a trip on the Amigo July 24. Expect an awesome day of giveaways and fun! Book your spot now! We have trips departing daily at 4AM & 5AM and overnight trips departing at 10PM. Check out our schedule at or call (805) 676-3474