Solid Rockfishing Today!

We had 3 boats out today: the Island Spirit on a 5AM run, the Pacific Dawn and the Amigo on overnight runs. Our captains reported terrific weather and water conditions and great rockfish with good quality. 64 Anglers, 29 Lingcod, 18 California Sheephead, 1 Rock Sole, 3 Cabezon, 205 Ocean Whitefish, 599 Rockfish, 1 Barracuda.We saw some game fish today and the 5AM Island Spirit is targeting game fish tomorrow, white seabass; and we expect a light load. Come join us tomoorrow for some white seabass action! Book your spot now! We have trips departing daily at 4AM & 5AM and overnight trips departing at 10PM. Check out our schedule at or call (805) 676-3474